gravity-feed-stoveAre you one of those people who wouldn’t purchase a pellet stove because they don’t work in a power failure? Wait no longer, The Gravity Feed stove has no moving parts and will continue to run as long as you maintain pellets in the hopper. The simplicity of the design is what really sets this apart from it competitors. At 58,000 btu’s on high this pellet stove will heat up to 1,800 to 2,000 sq. ft. Pair this stove with an ECOFAN and you will have an unbeatable combination to defeat the cold this winter.

wisewaylogoThe WiseWay Pellet Stove is a remarkable pellet stove that requires NO ELECTRICITY! Harnessing gravity for electric-free heat.

The WiseWay Pellet Stove eliminates the need for electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system it also eliminates all the mechanical breakdown and expensive maintenance that has been the norm with other pellet stoves. The WiseWay requires no blower to heat up to its capability. A blower is available for those that need heat distributed faster. Incorporated with the stove is the Echo fan that operates from the heat produced by the stove they are set on. The fan helps to distribute heat and a nice addition to our unique look. Many when first seeing the product scratch their head trying to decide if they like the look or not. While others are immediately attracted to its different look as if it was a piece of art, even those who dislike the look at first are soon rethinking the look after feeling the heat and realizing the benefits of this new one-of-a-kind stove.