Highest quality wood pellets for serious burners! Really Hot!

Somerset Super Premium Wood Fuel Pellets | $275.00 Per Ton  – Now booking for 2018 – 8500 BTU’s .35 % ASH “OUT OF STOCK”

Uses kiln-dried sawdust from their wood flooring division to produce high quality premium grade wood fuel pellets. The excess wood fiber, sawdust collected throughout the flooring manufacturing process supplies our Wood Pellet Fuel division, where we produce premium grade clean-burning wood fuel pellets, making an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative energy source.


LaCrete Super Premium Softwood Pellets $300.00 per ton 8700 BTU’s .3% ASH – OUT OF STOCK-

Used to buy these pellets from Long Pond Hearth and Home! To save a few bucks went to the Big Box brands, what a mistake! The pellets from there were not low ash; cleaning cycle was accelerated by two-third time. The biggest downside was they gave no BTU’s like the hot burning La Crete pellets. More work, no heat, saved a bit, hmmm! Going back to MORE HEAT, LESS WORK, LOW ASH La Crete Pellet brand!…Nancy W.


Northern WarmthNorthern Warmth Purely Pine $289.00 OUT OF STOCK
Northern Warmth Super Spruce (Eagle Valley)  $300.00
Minuteman Pellet Silver (Eagle Valley) $300.00

Northern Warmth Douglas Fir $345.00 OUT OF STOCK
Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir (Bear Mountain) $370.00